Science Based Weight Loss

With so many fads, diets, “wonderful” new workout videos and “medical” weight loss clinics around you may wonder how is it that obesity is at an all- time high level. We cannot continue to search for some mythical miracle fat burning pill that will work while we lounge, if we do America should get used to seeing that physique in the mirror because it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Fad diets promise many amazing results, yet hardly provide long term success rates. The main goal in weight loss should always be health over weight or looks. Even with medical weight loss there can be holes in the approach.

Linked here, this article helps explain that prescription medications are not the first choice and that other factors such as medical history and side effects must be taken into account. It also highlights the fact that without lifestyle modification the weight will come right back.

Our Approach

We begin our program with a one on one consultation with the doctor to start your custom coaching. The focus of this visit is to learn more about your habits so that we can develop a plan tailored for you. This allows us to ensure you achieve your goals efficiently and that they are long lasting. Through careful planning, dedication, and doctor recommended supplements we can reach your goals naturally and effectively.

Now Offering

Professional Supplements - dispensed only through qualified doctors.

Paleo Products - designed to fit into your custom plan

Detailed Testing - to ensure there are no underlying causes to your weight struggles, i.e. metabolic interference, food intolerance, and/or nutritional deficiency

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