Chiropractic Care

Although we offer many different services and treatments at Chirotecture, our base is chiropractic therapy. Unfortunately many individuals perceive chiropractic as treatment only for low back pain and all we do is “pop” backs. While we, as chiropractic doctors, are low back pain experts there is much more that we are trained in and can offer to promote overall health and wellness. Chiropractic philosophy is based on the premise that with corrective care the body has an ability to heal itself. Whether the treatment comes from adjustments to promote healthy joint function, nutrition to promote all of the body’s metabolic processes, soft tissue therapy (muscles, connective tissue) to promote biomechanically sound movement, or diagnostic testing to determine the aggravating factor(s) of the condition- at Chirotecture we are well equipped to be your Pearland Chiropractor. As chiropractic gains exposure, it will continue to grow as a very important complementary tool to patients for complete healthcare.

Chiropractic is HEALTHcare

We are all accustomed to visiting our doctor when we feel sick or have some ailment, but why do we not have a system in place to help us stay healthy? Come see us today so we can discuss your HEALTHcare with a free consultation.

Chiropractic Education: Details on the education a Chiropractic Doctor obtains prior to licensure are found here.

Chiropractic Research: Brief summaries showing effectiveness of chiropractic care for various conditions are found here.

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