Chronic Illness? Seen many doctors with no results/ answers?

Through ALCAT food intolerance testing we are able to see foods that may be causing many of the chronic inflammatory conditions we see on the rise today.


Food intolerance reactions are not as evident as the more well known food allergies and any attempt to find them without detailed testing is the same as guessing. As mentioned above, food intolerance reactions cause chronic conditions that take months to years to manifest and can not be easily noticed with the elimination of a suspected (guessed) food.

Conditions linked to the inflammatory process of food intolerance

• Digestive Disorders (IBS, Cronhs, etc.)

• Migraine • Obesity • Chronic Fatigue • Aching Joints

• Skin Disorders (eczema, dry skin) • Autism

Along with many others.

Gluten Free and Paleo

Just another fad in diets? So far the science suggests that this isn’t hyped-up marketing buzz and that it does indeed play an important role in improving your health. Gluten is a protein found in grains such as wheat, barley, and rye- with oats sometimes included due to processing contamination. It is included in many sauces, spices and other foods as a thickening agent. Gluten has been shown to produce changes in our digestive tracts that can cause a cascade of reactions that, over time, can produce conditions such as those listed above. Paleo is related to this in that this diet is based off of how our ancestors ate before we sped up everything after the industrial age. Paleo lifestyle basically means that you cut out all processed foods and replace them with foods that are whole and straight from the Earth. When we stop bombarding our bodies with substances that it believes to be foreign, we give it time to heal by decreasing the inflammatory response.

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