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What we do is in the name...Functional Athletic Stability Training.

Functional- Functional rehab is designed to take an injured joint from injury to game ready by the end of the plan. Traditional rehab primarily focuses on re-establishing full range of motion and beginning strengthening of the injured joint. For an athlete this could mean that traditional rehab can leave you with decreased function (stability and strength) and open the door for re-injury or a new injury.

Stability Training- Stability training takes us back to the baseline of all our movements. Everyone has heard of the "core", but not many know that it isn't just about abs and sit-ups, it's about an entire system that must work together for us to function the way we were designed. When our baseline foundation is functioning we will have less injuries and be less likely to develop severe enough degenerative joints to cause dysfunction. Our process focuses on training the body and brain to activate our core system when we move our extremities. This helps to ensure that the core musculature is taking the load off our joints. So, whatever your journey is, we can get you there with more efficiency and with less chance of injury. Your next scholarship or contract is one injury away from not happening.

With a doctor and training staff that continues to compete in competitive events, our facility understands firsthand the impact stability training can have on pain and performance. With access to DARI motion tracking we can provide the most accurate reports on your movement and track progress through the program from start to finish. Come experience the new era of athlete training and assessment and end the guesswork. 

fast lab

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